Distributes Fact Sheets Addressing Factual Inaccuracies and Anti-Democratic Bias in his Speech on House floor

July 18, 2006

WASHINGTON, DC – The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) responded today to a July 17th speech on the House floor by Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) that seriously misrepresented Nagorno Karabagh’s history, status, and right to self-determination.

The Indiana legislator took to the House floor yesterday in an apparent attempt to undermine the growing Congressional support for Nagorno Karabagh – as demonstrated by the successful recent Washington, DC visit and U.S. Capitol reception for the Parliamentary Speaker and Foreign Minister of the Republic of Nagorno Karabagh. Commenting on what he perceived as a pro-Nagorno Karabagh tilt among U.S. legislators, Rep. Burton stressed that: “Any outside influence, any shift in neutrality can only result in a false peace. That is why I am deeply concerned when I hear some of my colleagues throwing barbs at the Azeris and attempting to lay all the blame for this complicated issue at their doorstep.”

In a factually incorrect statement, he sought to call into question Nagorno Karabagh’s right to self-determination, asserting that: “So far as I know, the Nagorno-Karabakh region has never been a part of Armenia. To suggest otherwise, and to suggest that the problems in Nagorno-Karabakh are caused solely by Azerbaijan seems to me to distort the facts and potentially undermine our good faith efforts to see this conflict resolved; and to see peace and prosperity come to the people of both Azerbaijan and Armenia.”

In a three-page fact sheet sent to every Congressional office, the ANCA challenged Congressman Burton’s inaccurate description of the Nagorno Karabagh issue as well as the biased and counter-productive advice he offered to his House colleagues. The key points addressed in the ANCA document included:

1) Nagorno Karabagh’s commitment to peace

2) Azerbaijan’s threat to regional stability

3) Nagorno Karabagh’s economic growth

4) Nagorno Karabagh’s right to self-determination

5) Nagorno Karabagh’s commitment to democracy

6) Nagorno Karabagh’s pivotal role in ending the Soviet
threat to America

In addition, the ANCA provided a one-page update on Azerbaijan’s post-Soviet evolution into an increasingly corrupt and autocratic petro-state, characterized by leaders who seek to bridge the growing gap with their own population by demonizing their Armenian neighbors.

To view a copy of the ANCA fact sheets, visit:

Fact Sheet: Nagorno Karabagh Republic

Fact Sheet: Azerbaijan


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