February 7, 2008

WASHINGTON, DC — With Armenian American student activism at an all-time high, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) recently launched (, a new website spotlighting Armenian advocacy on college campuses.

The initiative was inspired by the rising tide of student activism seen throughout the nation over recent months, particularly following the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s consideration of the Armenian Genocide Resolution. The site will serve as a portal for information on a broad range of student led educational and political initiatives across North America. It is meant to be a supplement to the soon-to-be-updated student section of the ANCA website.

“Students and youth play a particularly important role in Armenian activism and is geared toward connecting them with one another and making them better aware of what is being done by their like-minded peers,” said Serouj Aprahamian, Director of the ANCA’s Capital Gateway Program.

Young activists can check to see what Armenian Americans on other campuses are doing to advocate and publicize the concerns of Armenian American issues. They can also share news of their own efforts and developments at their universities and colleges. Upcoming events and a book of the month will also be regularly posted on the site for visitors to utilize.

“This site provides a fast and easy way for college and university organizations throughout the country to come together in our effort to further the Armenian Cause,” said Vahram Shalvardzhyan, President of the University of California at Santa Barbara Armenian Student Association. “It has sped up the communication process, resulting in better organized and more coherent messages sent through colleges and universities.”

Student participation and input is an integral component to the success of the website. Armenian Students Associations and student activists are encouraged to participate by contacting


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