July 19, 2007

Library of Congress Armenia and Georgia Specialist, Dr. Levon Avdoyan (center) with ANCA Capital Gateway Director Serouj Aprahamian (second from right) and ANCA Washington, DC – The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) “Leo Sarkisian” interns ventured to Capitol Hill for a full day of activities, as the group continues its eight-week program to gain first-hand insight into the American political system.

The intern team kicked off the day with a breakfast meeting with lead Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.106) sponsor Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who provided an update on the status of the legislation and answered questions regarding upcoming action. The group informed Rep. Schiff about grassroots activities they had spearheaded along with ANCA regional and local chapters, including outreach to the growing Armenian American communities in Alabama, Texas, Oregon, North and South Carolina among other states. H.Res.106 currently has over 220 cosponsors, a majority of the House of Representatives, and is awaiting floor action.

The Leo Sarkisian group then went on to meet with Library of Congress Armenian and Georgian Area Specialist Dr. Levon Avdoyan, who gave the interns a extensive tour of the Library and its Armenian holdings. Avdoyan showcased valuable artifacts from ancient Armenia including a bible written in 1666, and various manuscripts. Additional Library of Congress resources on Armenia may be viewed online at:

“It was inspirational to see the literary and historic genius of Armenians preserved and on display in the world’s most renowned library — the US Library of Congress,” commented ANCA Capital Gateway Program Director Serouj Aprahamian. “Our people have made enormous contributions to humanity and it is gratifying to know that the United States has preserved some of the many books, manuscripts, and documents developed by Armenians throughout antiquity.”

Later in the day, the “Leo Sarkisian” interns took a tour of Capitol Hill, graciously hosted by Rep. Schiff’s office. During the tour of the Capitol, the interns took some time to watch the House in action as Members discussed pressing issues in Iraq and watched a vote.

“Over the past several weeks, we’ve come to Capitol Hill to cover hearings, hold meetings – but to watch the Representatives actually casting there votes was inspiring,” commented “Leo Sarkisian” intern Shant Hagopian. “I hope to follow in their footsteps in the future, pursuing a career in public service to our country.”

The ANCA Leo Sarkisian Internship Program, now in its 23rd year, is an eight week intensive program designed to give student leaders and activists the tools necessary to effectively advance Armenian American concerns on campus and in their communities. It is an integral part of the ANCA Capital Gateway program, a year-round internship / job placement service which provides Armenian Americans greater opportunities to explore careers on Capitol Hill, in the U.S. Foreign Service and key Washington, DC foreign policy think tanks. To learn more about the ANCA Capital Gateway Program, visit:


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Libraryofcongress.jpg: Library of Congress Armenia and Georgia Specialist, Dr. Levon Avdoyan (center) with ANCA Capital Gateway Director Serouj Aprahamian (second from right) and ANCA “Leo Sarkisian” Interns (from l to r) Alidz Oshagan, Dzovak Kazandjian, Alex Der Alexanian, Shant Hagopian, Nyree Naljian and Paul Ternamian

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