ANCA Summer Academy to Jumpstart High School Engagement in the Armenian Cause

Inaugural Washington Week to Inspire Careers in Politics and Policy; Explore Best Practices in Grassroots Pro-Artsakh/Armenia Civic Participation

June 19, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) is expanding its youth advocacy and career development efforts to high schoolers, with the launch of the ANCA Summer Academy from August 9-13th, 2021, in Washington, DC.

The online application form for the competitive 10-person program is available at The deadline to apply is July 9, 2021. Students accepted into the program will be notified by Monday, July 12, 2021.

“Karekin Njdeh famously said that to see the future of a nation, look to its youth. Armenian American youth – through their efforts online and on the ground – are the engine of present-day pro-Artsakh/Armenia activism, as demonstrated during the most recent Turkey/Azerbaijan attacks against the Armenian homeland,” stated ANCA Program Director Alex Manoukian. “The ANCA Summer Academy seeks to foster and develop our youth leadership, expanding our federal advocacy at the high school level and providing ladders of opportunity for careers in public service.”

During its inaugural year, the one-week, intensive program will bring a select group of high school students 17-19 years of age with proven community leadership experience to Washington DC to learn more about the Armenian Cause and how our policy priorities are advanced within the framework of America’s federal government. The ANCA Summer Academy will focus on ongoing efforts with the Biden Administration and the 117th Congress to strengthen and improve U.S.-Armenia relations and to ensure that the U.S. Government’s policies with respect to Artsakh align with our nation’s own values with respect to freedom and democracy.

The ANCA Washington DC team of professionals will utilize modern tools, training, and skills to instruct and evaluate those who are selected to participate in the 2021 class of the ANCA Summer Academy. The program will involve direct engagement with federal policymakers, ANCA experts and a range of professionals who are involved in matters related to both the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh. The Academy will also benefit from presentations from both those who have worked on issues related to the Armenian Cause for decades and those who are currently working in Washington, DC on contemporary matters – such as securing much-needed U.S. aid to the Republic of Artsakh’s citizens. Throughout the program, ample opportunities will be provided to explore Washington, DC, and make lasting friendships.

ANCA Summer Academy participants will be staying at the ANCA Aramian House, a landmark property in downtown Washington, DC which serves as the home and permanent headquarters of the ANCA’s signature youth programs. The Aramian House is named in honor of the late community leader and philanthropist Martha Aramian of Providence, RI.

The ANCA Summer Academy is the latest in the series of youth empowerment and career development programs including the Hovig Apo Saghdejian Capital Gateway Program, Leo Sarkisian Internship Program, Maral Melkonian Avetisyan Summer Fellowship, and the ANCA Rising Leaders Program.


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