Armenia Is You

January 23, 2012

«Հայրենիքն է շնորհում մարդուն հպարտանքներից՝ ամենաարդարը, ցավերից՝ ամենախորը, պաշտմունքներից՝ ամենաանխառնը, և մահերից՝ ամենասուրբը…» (Գ. Նժդեհ)

Living in a foreign country is a constant struggle for the preservation of your ethnic identity and cultural heritage. Every small step we make as Armenians living in The Diaspora affects how others see and accept not only us individually but also our nation and people. As a member or the youth, I have both the responsibility and opportunity to implement my ideas into action to do my part in trying to keep the flame of Armenian pride burning in the hearts and minds of as many people as possible. Thus, my decision to participate in ANCA-WR Executive internship this fall was well thought out. Despite my many responsibilities as a student, I could not seat idly by during such a critical period in time for Armenia. ANCA is the place I can learn, work, do my part as an Armenian and get valuable experience and knowledge at the same time. As I spend more time at ANCA, I get a deeper understanding of the problems our nation as a whole faces today and how it affects The Diaspora. A broader picture presents itself, where not only the main problems such as Genocide recognition and The Nagorno Kharabakh issue play an extremely important role, but also the preservation of the Armenian language, culture and identity

There is a wide array of issues which need immediate attention. As Garegin Nzhdeh once said, “It is a pain when others don’t know us, but it is thousands times more painful and unforgivable when Armenians do not know themselves”.  This happens when a nation loses itself and goes down the abyss of history like so many great civilizations have done before. Only we are not like all.  We are unique and this uniqueness combined with the great intellectual potential, political talent and the individuality our people posses can solve any problem and survive any storm coming our way. We must stand united despite our differences, finding in it our strength rather than our weakness. We must realize that each of us is the embodiment of Armenia. The Diaspora, if united and organized, is a very powerful force and The ANCA does an admirable job unifying Armenians around the same cause. We are a force to be reckoned with. This is the message we need to pass on to others and to our enemies. We have been exploited innumerable times throughout historyand now we need to use the “Iron Ladle” Khrimian Hayrik was talking about instead of the paper ones.

Not every nation has the luxury to bask in a five thousand year old culture, and history dating back to the beginning of civilization. Not everyone has had the blessing of the most courageous kings and the most talented of artists, scientists, musicians, warriors and poets. With every gift and blessing comes a responsibility, and with our’s comes even more. I am happy to take on my portion of this responsibility and to use this great opportunity at The ANCA to attain the necessary tools to one day benefit the world, our country and the Armenian society.

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