October 19, 2004

NOTE TO THE EDITOR: On October 19, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Armenian Democratic-Liberal Party, and the Social-Democratic Hunchak Party issued the following appeal to the Armenian community in the United States to cast their vote in support of Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry.

An Appeal to American-Armenians

The US presidential elections will take place on November 2. The two main candidates, President George W. Bush and US Senator John Kerry, are waging a vigorous campaign for the people’s votes. So far, according to observers, the ratings of the two candidates are extremely close; each vote will, therefore, carry significance.

On November 2, the American people will have their decisive say—including American-Armenians, who will go to the polls conscious of their civic duty. Accordingly, we appeal to our people to vote for Senator John Kerry, because he has espoused pro-Armenian positions on issues that American-Armenians consider vital.

As a Senator, John Kerry has been constant in adopting positions in favor of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, increases in US aid to Armenia, and a just resolution to the Mountainous Karabagh problem. Moreover, he has always had an open-door policy toward American-Armenians and has been responsive to our needs and requests. John Kerry’s efforts within the Senate are proof positive of his pro-Armenian and pro-Armenia policies.

Under the current circumstances, American-Armenians will play a crucial role in the upcoming presidential elections, because every vote counts. On November 2, let us go to the polls, en masse, to cast our votes in favor of Senator John Kerry.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation
Central Committees of the Western and Eastern United States

Armenian Democratic-Liberal Party
Regional Executives of the Western and Eastern United States

Social-Democratic Hunchak Party


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