Boycott Turkey: The Country Not The Bird

August 6, 2012

By Vahe Assarian

Some might ask me “Why should we stop buying Turkish products? They are cheaper than products coming out of Armenia.” Well, it’s interesting when people would think that way because they don’t know that the blockade that Turkey has against Armenia today is making it harder for products to leave Armenia and be exported throughout the world. The blockade is forcing prices on Armenian goods to go up because it is harder for Armenia to sell their products internationally. On the other side of the border, Turkey is capitalizing on the blockade by selling similar products at more affordable prices and that results in people buying more Turkish goods rather than Armenian goods.

My case and point is that Armenians in America who have Armenian markets and sell Turkish goods are selling it not because the goods are better but because they are profiting more on it. It is up to the Armenian consumer to stop buying Turkish products not the stores from purchasing them. To the Armenian consumer that might argue that the quality of the Turkish products is better, well that’s because of the blockade, the fact that Armenia’s economy is weak due to the blockade and the lack of money that is coming back into the country will show that the quality of Armenia’s products will be affected by this blockade.

It is important to know that the blockade is causing economic hardship for Armenia. Not only is it hard for Armenia to export products internationally but also for other nations to send products to Armenia since it will be more costly and therefore the cost of the products within Armenia will go up. It doesn’t help Armenians in Armenia living in poverty for imported products to cost more money compared to other nations like Georgia who aren’t land locked or being blockaded by neighboring countries.

Why is buying Armenian products good? Because you are helping a third world nation try and get out of the depressing state that it’s in. By purchasing products made in Armenia you are creating more jobs for Armenians in Armenia. Just like the Americans that take pride in buying American made products and expanding jobs in America, Armenia is trying to do the same thing but at a smaller scale compared to America.

Next time you come across a Boycott Turkey sign, you should know that is in place not because of the Armenian Genocide, not because Turkish goods are bad, but because of the illegal blockade of Armenia by Turkey and Azerbaijan that the international community doesn’t agree with. If you believe in fighting for justice don’t support a country that doesn’t care about humanity. If you are Armenian and you see a Turkish product that is a few dollars cheaper than the Armenian one, know what you are supporting. Turkey is trying to suffocate the Armenian economy.

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