August 17, 2000

“Continued U.S. aid to Nagorno Karabagh can play a vital role in securing a lasting peace in the Transcaucasus. I have voted in both the House International Relations Committee and on the floor of the House of Representatives to provide direct U.S. aid to Nagorno Karabagh.” — Rep. Steve Rothman (D-NJ)

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressional candidates from around the nation continue to submit Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Candidate Questionnaires outlining their views on Armenian American issues.

The ANCA questionnaires were sent to over 1,000 Congressional candidates throughout the country as part of this election cycle’s Armenian American voter education drive. Copies of both the congressional and presidential questionnaires can be downloaded by visiting the ANCA website at Also provided on this website are sample cover letters and instructions for forwarding the questionnaires to the appropriate elected officials.

The ANCA’s election year voter education campaign helps inform
Armenian Americans about the policy issues impacting Armenia, Nagorno Karabagh, and the Armenian American community. The campaign also provides timely and reliable information on the
records and views of the candidates seeking Armenian American votes, while encouraging increased civic participation in local, state, and national elections.

Provided below are several recent responses from Congressional candidates throughout United States.

Question 1: U.S. Support for Armenia

Do you support targeting U.S. assistance to Armenia to promote
trade, long-term economic self- sufficiency, and democratic

Rep. Joe Moakley (D-MA): Yes. I recently joined several
colleagues in requesting an increase in aid to Armenia in order to
assist in their free market reforms.

House Candidate Clifford Greene (D-AK): Yes. My campaign supports
assistance to Armenia and U.S. foreign aid equilibrium regarding
many aspects of the aid program.

House Candidate Jeff Sell (D-TX): Yes – 100%.

House Candidate Gregory Frushour (D-MI): Yes. Very few elected
officials could name more than two countries in the area, let alone
issues of central concern to their people. I on the other hand
have studied the region and understand the historical complexities
of the Armenian people.

Question 2: U.S. Support for Nagorno Karabagh

Do you support continuing U.S. assistance to Nagorno Karabagh as a
confidence-building measure designed to advance a negotiated
settlement of this conflict?

Rep. Steve Rothman (D-NJ): Yes. Continued U.S. aid to Nagorno
Karabagh can play a vital role in securing a lasting peace in the
Transcaucasus. I have voted in both the House International
Relations Committee and on the floor of the House of
Representatives to provide direct U.S. aid to Nagorno Karabagh.

House Candidate Bob Levy (R-TX): Yes – I’ve been following the
Armenian situation out there for years – I’m glad the Armenians are
winning. Let’s keep it up.

Question 3: Conditions on U.S. Aid to Azerbaijan

Do you support the Freedom Support Act provision on U.S. aid to
Azerbaijan and will you oppose any efforts to weaken, waive or
eliminate this law until Azerbaijan has lifted its blockades and
ended its aggression against Nagorno Karabagh and Armenia?

Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY): I fully support Section 907 of the Freedom
Support Act and strongly oppose any effort to weaken this law until
Azerbaijan ends its illegal blockade of Armenia.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX): I will oppose weakening the law and in fact
believe such aid should be stopped.

House Candidate Melissa Hart (R-PA): Yes. Section 907 must be
maintained as is.

Question 4: Self-Determination for Nagorno Karabagh

Do you support Nagorno Karabagh’s right to self-determination
within secure borders?

House Candidate Janet Jeghalian (D-MA): Of course. Stalin should
never have taken such oppressive action. Nagorno Karabagh should
have the right to self-determination within secure borders. The
U.S. should ensure the resolution of Nagorno Karabagh’s status of

House Candidate Larry Nelson (D-AZ): Yes I do. I hope that since
most of the people are Armenians that they are able to merge with

Question 5: The Armenian Genocide

Do you support, and will you participate in, Congressional
initiatives and resolutions to recognize and commemorate the
Armenian Genocide?

Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA): For many years I have participated in
congressional initiatives to recognize and commemorate the Armenian
Genocide. . . As a Jewish American, I am particularly aware of the
importance of raising awareness of past atrocities, and hope that
be doing so we can prevent their recurrence in the future.

House Candidate Linda Mercurio (D-NJ): Yes. I live near an
Armenian Senior Home in Emerson, NJ. Everyday I jog past a
memorial to Armenians massacred by the Turks. I strongly support
an Armenian Genocide resolution.

House Candidate Daniel Rosenberg (D-CA): Yes. Recognition of
genocide is essential for healing and preventing future recurrence.

Question 6: The Turkish Blockade of Armenia

The Humanitarian Aid Corridor Act, which became law in 1996,
prohibits U.S. foreign aid to nations, such as Turkey, which
obstruct U.S. humanitarian aid deliveries to a third nation. Do
you support enforcement of this law as a means of encouraging
Turkey to lift its blockade of Armenia?

House Candidate Adam Schiff (D-CA): The Republic of Turkey has a
human rights record that is both tragic and unacceptable. Any U.S.
aid to Turkey must be contingent upon adherence to internationally
accepted norms for human and civil rights. The United States
should deny all aid until such time as Turkey peacefully and in
good faith deals with the Kurdish issue, its illegal occupation of
Cyprus, its continuing blockade of Armenia and denial of the
Armenian Genocide.

Senate Candidate Ronald William Wagganer (D-MO): I support any
humanitarian aid to your country and by whatever means it takes to
care for your people.

House Candidate Jess Ward (R-NC): The Cold War is over. We need
to maintain Turkey as a regional ally; however, our focus must turn
to address the legitimate aspirations of the people throughout the

Question 7: U.S. Arms Sales to Turkey

Do you support creating links between U.S. arms sales and transfers
to Turkey to that nation’s ongoing blockade of Armenia, continued
occupation of Cyprus, mistreatment of the Kurds, unfair
restrictions on Christian communities, and worsening human rights

House Candidate Stephen Urban (R-PA): Yes. I support creating
links between a country’s human rights record with the aid it
receives from the U.S.

House Candidate Tom Santos (D-CA): Yes, to restricting sales and
transfers, conditional on the lifting of the blockade, etc.


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