Challenging Privilege – Tsovinar Karapetyan

July 8, 2011

Editor’s Note: This was Tsovinar’s first post and was mistakenly not posted with the other initial posts.

It’s been only a week since the start of my internship here at the ANCA-WR office and I have learned lots already! For one, I can write better press releases. Aside from that, I have realized that I am more politically aware of what happens on a local, state, federal, and international level. I find myself visiting the ANCA website, Asbarez, and other news websites one too many times a day. But of course, keeping up with too much Armenian news is never a bad thing.

There will definitely be lots of work to do in the weeks to come, but I am looking forward to it. Upon arriving at the office, we must send an email about what we have scheduled to do for the day, and before leaving, we need to send another email about what work we actually completed during the day. Along with that, we need to write media reports on our scheduled days, weekly blogs, monthly updates, and of course, the main project of the summer. I anticipate a lot of blogging, emailing, writing of press releases, compiling information, and researching in the next ten weeks! I am not complaining because it is a privilege to have been chosen for this internship and I am definitely looking forward to all the challenges that I will face.

The office staffers are great. William and Haig, however intimidating they may seem at times, try their best to make the office a friendly and lighter environment. I welcome criticism better than compliments, and love when they let me know what it is I am doing wrong and suggest ways to better myself. Much like the staffers, the interns are great, as they are a diverse group of people, but still very intelligent, motivated, and fun! We try to help each other out with whatever situation we are in. I am excited about what I will learn from the staff members of the Western Region office, as well as my fellow interns, and am looking forward to the long and restless weeks ahead!

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