Expanding My Social Network

July 4, 2012

By: Vahe Assarian

During my second and third week with ANCA-Western Region, my job is to upload ten tweets a day for four days, and this is not as easy as it sounds. My job is to upload any news articles or events that has to do with Armenia, ANCA, or American politics. Working with twitter isn’t hard; the hard part is finding the right stories that have to do with ANCA. The problem is some days are slow news days and we all need to look really hard for a good news story that is relevant to what ANCA does. For ANCA-Western Region to use twitter is a good idea because people will be well informed of what the organization is doing each day.

Another part that I needed to get used to is working with my group members. Everyone in the group must do ten tweets a week. Some people will work hard and finish the job and some will work fast with no care. As the leader, I must step up and make sure everyone is doing his or her job to the fullest and no one is working in a careless, sloppy manner.

Diversity is very important when submitting your tweets. Yes, ANCA cares about the Armenian community here in the United States and in Armenia, but American politics plays a key role also when it comes to tweeting for the ANCA-Western Region. It is always important not to favor one news source either; the news sources should be different when it comes to American and Armenian websites.

Aside from my responsibilities working at ANCA-Western Region, I personally would not use twitter because it feels pointless. Who really tweets every minute of their lives? I still don’t fully understand why people enjoy Twitter, isn’t Facebook enough? Another part of Twitter I can’t stand is that it hits its capacity and lags a few times each day. I guess that I’m just used to Facebook and that their servers don’t fail as much as twitter.

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