Cites ANCA-WR Work In Armenian Genocide Affirmation

April 26, 2001

SACRAMENTO — Governor Gray Davis issued a statement on Tuesday, April 24, 2001, commemorating the 86th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The California Governor reiterated his commitment to ensuring that the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide be honored and commemorated properly in the State of California. Leaders of the ANCA-WR joined Governor Davis last week as he signed the annual State proclamation, declaring April 24, 2001, as State-wide day of remembrance of the Armenian Genocide.

“Governor Davis has led the Golden State in taking bold and unequivocal steps in affirming the Armenian Genocide and honoring the memory of those who perished because of this crime against humanity,” explained Alex Sardar, Executive Director of the ANCA-WR. “We remain committed to working with Governor Davis in reaffirming the Armenian Genocide in various ways in California, while at the same time ensuring that other States in the Union follow the great example of California on this matter.”

Below is the text of Governor Gray Davis’ statement in its entirety.




My Fellow Californians,

Today, we join together to honor the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

On this, the 86th anniversary of this dark chapter in humanity’s history, we pledge to those blessed souls a most sacred and powerful thing: our memories.

Each year, Californians come together to remember their courage and to rededicate ourselves to ensuring that events like the Armenian Genocide never happen again.

As Governor of California, I have had the privilege of signing
into law several pieces of legislation strengthening our
commitment to the survivors and subsequent generations of the Armenian Genocide.

Just last year, with the help of our friends at the Armenian National Committee of America, Western Region, I signed into law a measure which enables survivors of the Armenian Genocide to bring a legal claim against insurance companies in California courts for outstanding life insurance benefits derived from the 1915 Genocide.

Just a few days ago, I was joined by the leaders of the California Armenian community, when I signed a proclamation declaring April 24th, 2001, as the “State Day for Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide.”

Dear friends, the Armenian American community of California has contributed greatly to the cultural, economic, and social fabric of the Golden State.

In honor of their service and strength, I offer my thoughts and prayers for a meaningful observance on this the 86th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

May God Bless You.


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