Community Encouraged to Keep Rallying in Support of Seminal Work on the U.S. Response to Armenian Genocide

September 19, 2003

WASHINGTON, DC – Accolades for noted poet and author Peter Balakian’s upcoming work, “The Burning Tigris”, continued this week with the History Book Club (HBC) announcing its decision to include the book among its recommendations, reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA). Balakian will join the ranks of best-selling authors Thomas Friedman, David Halberstam and Walter Isaacson as an HBC selection for the month of January, 2004.

Established in 1947, the History Book Club is comprised of a “board of esteemed professional historians who review and recommend books to their members.” The panel prides itself in choosing books that are “insightful, readable, provocative, and always engaging.”

The HBC is the latest in a string of publications praising “The Burning Tigris.” On August 18th, “Publishers Weekly” noted that Balakian’s work “exposes the roots of the genocide in the total war atmosphere of WWI, which combusted in the pan-Turkish nationalism of the Young Turk government, inflamed Muslim rage against ‘infidel’ Armenian Christians, and a long-simmering Ottoman hatred of the Armenians dating to Sultan Abdul Hamid II and his slaughters in the 1890s.” Last week Salon.com recommended “The Burning Tigris” in its fall reading preview.

As the September 30th publication date approaches, Armenian Americans are urged to continue to support the ANCA “Burning Tigris” Campaign to ensure that their communities learn more about the critical assistance the U.S. provided to Armenian Genocide survivors in the early 20th century. With pre-sales growing daily through community participation, Balakian’s work is headed toward the best-sellers list.

The ANCA “Burning Tigris” Education Campaign

Several weeks ago, the ANCA launched the “Burning Tigris” Education Campaign, a multi-faceted program to share the history of the Armenian Genocide and to celebrate the American humanitarian spirit. The program works to help 1) inform elected officials, the media and the American public about the Armenian Genocide, and; 2) ensure enough “pre-order” sales by September 30th to catapult “The Burning Tigris” onto best-sellers lists, dramatically increasing U.S. and worldwide readership.

As part of the campaign, activists are urged to:

1) Tell a Friend about “The Burning Tigris”

Pre-order a copy for yourself and a friend who is not familiar with the Armenian Genocide or the response of the United States to this crime against humanity. Simply visit Amazon.com or your favorite on-line bookseller.

2) Teach Elected Officials, the Media, and Libraries

Donate a copy of “The Burning Tigris” to local elected officials, media outlets, and libraries to raise awareness about the Armenian Genocide. Just visit Amazon.com or another major on-line bookseller to pre-order a copy.

3) Take a Friend to a Reading of “The Burning Tigris”

After the September 30th release date, author Peter Balakian will go on a 15-city book tour, personally bringing this important period of American and Armenian history to communities nationwide. Take a friend to a reading and hear the author discuss his research and findings first hand.


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