Media Report

May 26, 2012

There are a number of tasks that I have to do at the office. One of them is called Media Reports. When I was first informed about them, I thought they were a bit mundane. They always reminded me of The Lion King, the scene where Zazu (the bird) is telling Mufasa what is going on around the savannah. It was never really my favorite part of the Disney cartoon.

For the morning report, we are supposed to write a specifically formatted essay about what is going on in the news (American, Armenian, Azeri, and Turkish). It has never been my favorite task to do around the office. A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in class, waiting for my professor in the morning, and I caught myself going on the regular sites I use for the media report to check what was going on.

I know that it is good to be informed of news that is going on, but I would normally hear it on television when my parents are watching Armenian News. Last night I was sitting down and my mother turned on the news. Every single news item that went up, I already knew about since I had done the media report earlier in the day. This was just another factor of what you do during this internship that will probably stick around even after the internship is over. I won’t be writing a formatted essay, but I definitely will be checking the sites I used for the media report to see what is up in the world.

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