My First Week – Nayiri Baghdassarian

June 28, 2011

This week was the first week of the ANCA-WR internship, and I have to say: so far, so good. Work wise, I learned how to write a press release and it wasn’t too bad. It is exciting how all of the interns interact with each other. Being the first week, one would think that we would be shy as we slowly get to know one another; however, the seven of us adapter quite quickly and already act like a small family. At first, I was nervous when I heard that we would each have a major project to complete by the end of our 10 weeks, but once it was explained to us by (the very tall) Mr. William Bariamian, my nerves eased up a bit.

This internship is different than what I am used to, and I welcome it. I find it interesting that there is actually a set list of what is to be done, and various projects that are designed specifically for the internship. This, compared to any other internship I have participated in, seems more like an educational experience to me. Not only will we be having hands-on experience in the world of ANCA lobbying, but also learning about the inner workings of politics, media, and Armenian-American relations. All in all, I am glad that I chose to be a part of this internship. It seems as though within just a week I learned a lot, and created a wonderful group of friends. This is definitely a pleasant and interesting group to be around, considering that I am in a room full of many personalities and many different backgrounds other than my own.

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