August 16, 2011

In my last blog I mentioned that I have not had a day off since 4th of July, I guess my boss was tired of hearing my complaints and gave me last Sunday off as a surprise. Since I have to fulfill my average hours at my branch, I was not expecting an extra day off. Much needed!  So in honor of my Sunday off, I decided to make the best of my Saturday night and have a night out on the town with my partner in crime whom I have known since 7th grade.

While sitting next to a group of people I heard them speaking Spanish, another group speaking Hebrew and we were speaking Armenian.  I consider myself 85% fluent in Spanish, and understood the conversation that was occurring next to us.  My friend on the other hand speaks Armenian and English.  We started talking about languages and how I wish my parents taught me Farsi because they speak it fluently.  To my surprise my friend was against learning languages other than Armenian and English. Her thought behind that was that if it is not part of her culture, it is not needed.

Now I don’t know if that is being patriotic or nationalistic, or how exactly that would be classified.  Since I love languages, to me it is important to learn as many as possible.  There are many benefits to speaking different languages and the most general one is that you can relate and communicate with different people.  On top of Armenian, English, Spanish and partial Portuguese, I wish I spoke Farsi, French, Japanese, German and Arabic. Now that is pretty ambitious I know, and I don’t think I will get a chance or even attempt to learn all of those languages, but if I did, I can just imagine how many different countries I could go to and not get ripped off! That would be the best – amazing!

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