To a Prosperous Future

June 25, 2012

By: Janet Shamilian

It’s not about how you start, but rather how you finish. Success, growth, and development are measured both throughout and especially towards the end of the journey. For this reason, I plan to work every day as if it is my last day on the job. Though this is just the beginning, I am ready to embrace the difficulties and challenges that await in the next few weeks. I am incredibly excited for the knowledge, opportunities, and experiences I am going to gain by interning as an Executive Intern for the Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region (ANCA-WR).

Ever since my freshman year at Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School, I vividly remember the efforts and involvement of the ANCA in the community. I knew then that volunteering for the ANCA was something that I would pursue in the future. Now, I am granted the opportunity to intern for this active and influential organization. I firmly believe that this internship will better acquaint me with international relations and domestic politics. Moreover, I am excited about participating in the American electoral process and witnessing the hard-work that goes behind representing the collective Armenian American community.

Other than pursuing an adolescent dream of mine, I decided to intern for the ANCA because of the respect I have for this organization. Furthermore, I realize that it is imperative for the youth to be active and involved in our community. We cannot simply rely on others to carry out our work. We should not let time pass us by. There is strength in numbers and together, we can progress towards making a difference. We can close the disconnect between our generation and past generations by uniting under common interests and similar goals – advocating for our motherland, our people, and bringing justice to the Armenian Cause. Կեցցեք։

As I document my experience throughout the internship, I invite all members of the community to gain insight on this experience. As members of the diaspora, it is our obligation and duty to help our motherland by advocating for her freedom, rights, and reunion with her children. We are far away – distant from our beautiful Արարատ Լեռ (Mt. Ararat), away from our breathtaking churches, deprived of the sweetness of our apricots, and cold because we are away from the eternal fire of Ծիծեռնակաբերդ (Tsitsernakaberd). However, we are distant for a reason. This distance should draw us closer to the Armenian Cause. Being away from our homeland can only be justified if and when we take steps towards justice.

Ironically, because of my involvement, I view this distance as a means of unification with my people. I do not know when we will get back our loaned lands, when justice will be served, but I do know that through our collective efforts, the gaps that form this distance will close. Join me. Join us. Join the cause. Կեցցեք։

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