Describes Administration's Denial that it Communicated with the Turkish Government on the Evans Issue as "Not Credible"
Jul 26, 2006
Justice Department Records Reveal Repeated Contacts by Turkey's Foreign Agent with the State Department Concerning Remarks by the Ambassador to Armenia
Jul 24, 2006
Distributes Fact Sheets Addressing Factual Inaccuracies and Anti-Democratic Bias in his Speech on House floor
Jul 18, 2006
Cites Nominee's Genocide Denial; Inconsistent and Contradictory
Statements to Senate Panel
Jul 18, 2006
"The Bush Administration has once again failed to answer the question of whether or not the early departure of U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John Evans is related to comments he made about the Armenian Genocide. --Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA)
Jul 17, 2006
Urges Foreign Relations Committee to Require that Nominee Properly Recognizes the Armenian Genocide as a Condition for Approval
Jul 16, 2006
WASHINGTON, DC – Concerns continued to grow this week regarding the circumstances surrounding the firing of U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John Marshall Evans, as Sen. Russell Feingold (D-WI) becom
Jul 11, 2006
Seven Members of the Foreign Relations Committee Press the Administration to Explain its Policy on the Armenian Genocide
Jun 30, 2006
Practical Training to Advance the Armenian Cause
Jun 30, 2006
SACRAMENTO, CA — The California State Assembly Judiciary Committee passed legislation on June 27 that would grant legal rights to Armenian Genocide survivors and their heirs to recover bank dep
Jun 30, 2006
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