An Unexpected Epiphany

July 11, 2011

This past week, I helped tend the ANCA booth at the Navasartian games. It was something much unexpected, as I have never attended such an event in the past. This came as a great shock to my fellow interns. The experience was one I will never forget and I look forward to participating in all future events as well. There was so much Armenian music and food that I felt like I was at a wedding. Watching blissful people walking around the booths with their kids was a sight to see. By attempting to explain the purpose of ANCA to people, I learned a great amount myself. It was an overall great experience aside from the extremely hot weather.

This experience reminded me of the long-term project I have to do for my internship. When I saw all those people and when I was talking to them about ANCA, I got to thinking how it all started. How exactly it was that ANCA came to be and accomplished so much. I did enough research to have an idea of it but I realized then that it wasn’t enough. I needed to submerge myself into this topic because I thought to myself about questions people might ask that I may not be able to answer.

Working in the booth also made me realize that I am not happy with the major that I am pursuing. I always thought that I would eventually become an English teacher and be the kind of inspirational teachers I had in high school. Sitting there answering questions and talking to people about the ANCA made me see that I am not interested in doing that for the rest of my life. It is something I could do but I will not be satisfied with just teaching. It opened my eyes to the fact that even though I would love to teach English, I need something more. I have yet to figure out what that is.

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